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Defining Chi Energy


Some people say that something is "normal" if it can be explained by human intelligence. Rational and makes sense. Apart from that, psychic is considered something "beyond normal". That is something that cannot be explained by human thoughts. Since it's beyond human thoughts, humans start to fantasize to find solutions to those understandable problems. Is it psychic? What if nature indication that normal people hard to understand is understandable by the psychic?

Some people say that the difference in seeing nature phenomenon is because the psychic develops different thinking way from normal people. They more often use their right brain which has intuitive ability, pattern thinking and able to see problem holistically. While normal people use their left brain more that is thinking rationally.

What Is Fengshui?

"Feng" or wind means mountain. Why? Because the nature phenomenon explains this, wind blows from mountain. According to the alphabet structure, wind (feng) is above water (shui). Does this mean that wind is prior than water? Well, could be yes, could be no, like chicken and egg! Water plays as energy container. How about feng? Feng is also a container and energy mediator which can affect behavior, thinking process and human emotion. The difference is kinds of energy delivered. Water delivers positive energy while wind delivers negative energy.

Fengshui means balance and harmony between opposite characteristics. If water brings out something that human produced (output), then wind is something that is inside human (input). If water affects behavior, thinking process and emotion, then wind on the same time affects human physical body, human body cell, brain cell and body chemical balancing. We can conclude that water is positive: aggressiveness (behavior), creative ideas (thinking process), anger and happiness (emotion). While the wind is negative: softness (behavior), clarity (thinking process) and sadness and empathy (emotion).

Water In Fengshui

About 3000 years ago, Fengshui experts believed that human life is affected by environment. Good environment will give positive effect, while bad environment gives negative effect to living human inside. One of the most important aspects is water. Although many Fengshui schools of thought differ in theory development and application, all agree about the water. Appropriate or not the water position and management with Fengshui model gives big impact to human's luck and prosperity.

Is it true that water gives big effect? If biology emphasizes water as an important part of human metabolism supporting, environment psychology sees water from different perspective. Water is proved it is able to affect human behavior, cognitive and affective. In Germany, a research proves that a water fountain built in front of a building can increase the productivity and decrease employee's absence. They who work in that building feel healthier than before the water fountain was built.

Fengshui sees water as a container and media of life energy. In other words, water is the container or media, while the content is life energy (Chi). Bad media quality will give negative effect to the content. According to Fengshui perspective, dirty, smelly and motionless water negatively affects human behavior, cognitive and emotion. On the other hand, clean, unscented and smoothly streaming water contains positive energy. Well managed water brings out Chi that positively affects human behavior, cognitive and affective.

Besides physically meaning, water has symbolic meaning in Fengshui. As it's written, water is energy media. With this principle, street infrastructure, transportation, water network and telecommunication network can be categorized as water. A town, island or country surrounded by bad water management, bad energy will give negative effect to its inhabitant. As an example, Italy is an economically advanced country with its well organized water canals in Venice. Similar to Venice, Suzho, a city in China becomes a prosperous city after they pay extra attention to its water canal cleanness. A statesman as well as law expert, Singapore former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, over Fengshui's advice stated "Clean Rivers Projects" in 1977. It's undeniable that well managed Kallang River delivers good positive. Singapore becomes more prosperous, not only in economic aspect but in social and culture aspect also.

Creating Harmony And Energy By Fengshui

Believe it or not, Fengshui brings balance and harmony in home. From furniture to wall color, affects energy movement in your home. In short, Fengshui has influence in giving energy or stability in your home. Here are clues to affect energy in your home until your life is fun. You can put energy into your life as you wish. Color difference may increase or decrease your spirit. Colors have different effect to be used with specific aim in specific time. Here are colors and the meanings according to Fengshui.


Orange is cheerful color that brings freshness and alteration in life, suitable for kitchen and play room. Light orange suits for living room which happiness and relax situation are needed.


It's a hard color that makes you feel energetic. This color suits in dining room to keep the guest happy and energetic. But it's not a suitable color for bedroom, unless you need "much passion".


Green implies healing and peacefulness, suits for living room and bed room. This is able to keep balance and bring alteration in you.


It's a color that heals and brings relax situation, suits in a room where someone is ill and makes the inhabitant calm and relax.


It's a color that brings luxurious impression and change. It is good for meditation or other rooms to give "luxurious" impression.


A color that shows happiness, brings creative and passionate atmosphere. It really suits in kitchen and office where creativity is strongly needed. It also suit for your living room if you don't want your guests visit too long.


Believe it or not, Fengshui exists in our life! Bad water and air quality is enemy number one in life. If money collected spent for health expense, when will prosperity be realized? On the other hand, if the environment is healthy, it will bring healthy society and the health expense can be used for increasing prosperity. Western countries and some Asians do not openly state that they imply Fengshui. But the way they manage water and air is harmony with Fengshui principle. Fengshui is universally accepted. Wanna give a try ?

Sheng Chi

According to the ancient Chinese theory about the universe, there are several different sources of energy that move in and around us. Sheng Chi energy is the good healthy, prosperous, happy energy. You have Sheng Chi when you are positive and all good things are flowing your way. You can feel when there is good Sheng Chi energy in a place. You feel as though you could stay there forever. It is light and airy. When you live an uncluttered life with fresh flowers, lush green plants, bright cheerful sunshine flowing in your place you know you are in good Sheng Chi energy.

Sha Chi

When everything in your life is going in the wrong direction or you feel unhappy and angry, you are in Sha Chi energy. You may be associating with the wrong people, living in the wrong place or connecting to poison arrows coming in your direction. This type of energy drains you and causes you to become ill. Living on land with underground water also causes Sha energy. Poison arrows are the corners of other buildings pointing at your front door or pointing in your direction where you work all day. It is a place where the earth is depleted and the vegetation is poor, where animals are sick and people are impoverished. You have Sha Chi when you are down and depressed.

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