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Balance Your Living Room

You should choose colors for your living room that are beneficial to your Kua number and direction or that suit your overall harmony. Place green plants around the room, but balance them with other things. Your furniture should be spacious, uncluttered and pleasing to the eye.

Paintings should be warm and inviting. Never have cactus in your home. Cactus is the worst kind of plant you can have in your home. They are very unlucky. Try to keep a nice bouquet of fresh flowers near the entrance to the house. People feel immediately at ease when they see fresh flowers.

Your living room should be fresh and have a feeling of being lived in. So many families have family rooms they use instead of their living rooms, saving the living room for special occasions. Rooms in your home that are unused accumulate stagnant energy and detract from an otherwise balanced home.

Choosing A House With Fengshui Alternative

Want to have a harmonious family? Well behaved kids? Obey parents? Well educated? A harmonious relation between husband and wife? Financially enough? Those are what we all are dreaming of. But hey, that is not a dream anymore, you can realize that by implementing Fengshui. What is Fengshui actually? It is a Chinese ancient way to study the balance between, nature, wind and water. 

There are some factors that we need to notice about if we want to build a harmonious home. The main factor is knowing the dwellers themselves. Some people do not feel click staying in a house while the others click and succeed living in the same house. It is because every individual has different personality and fengshui calculates this from the birth year. The other factor is time dimension aspect. Not forever a house experiences bad luck or good luck. This is caused by the changing period. In fengshui, there is a period called 20 years period which marked by the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter in one line.

External Factor

The first thing to notice in choosing a house is environment external factor and the land history. We need to know that there is no "sha" energy facing main door. Sha energy is bad or negative energy that may caused by building in front that faces main door, electric pillar, radio transmitter and road form on house. The lot history and ideal land form are the other factors that need to focus on. Your house should not near the damaged building, dead trees and other things that bring bad energy.

Stick Out Corner

A house also has stick out corner that radiates strong energy. Whether you have good luck or bad luck from this stick out corner or missing corner of your house and which family member suffers the most because of this can be told by using fengshui analysis. Simple way to recognize missing region or stick out corner is by using a rectangle or square shape as the basic form. That shape has complete and full space. Put this shape on the two dimension layout of your house, apartment or office. You will see if there is any missing or stick out corner. The missing one will cleanse your luck in that missing region while the stick out one may cause your luck in that area very strong.

  • South affects dweller's reputation and popularity
  • South East represents richness
  • East affects luck in health
  • North East affects luck in education
  • North affects luck in your career
  • South West affects marriage and love life
  • North West represents help from important people

When House Facing South

If you want to build a house, face your house to south. Why? It is believed that it brings more luck than facing north. According to geography reality in China, the south area is an area with warm climate which assumed as the center of all good things. While cold wind (feng) blows from dark north. South is considered an area that has most good things. Many people believe that house main door should face east or south. Why so? It is simple really. Sun rises in the east that brings good ultraviolet ray. While the same ray in the evening brings bad affect to health. South wind streams softer wind gradually.

Middle Point Of Your House

In fengshui, middle point of a house is really important also. Middle point is like someone's heart. If a house does not have a "heart" will be considered as a place with bad fengshui. No middle point, no heart, then no life and energy. Fengshui says this does not have good luck to the dwellers.

Internal Factor

The main internal factor of a house is to avoid weird house form. If there is space in your yard, you can put water dragon like trench. You still have to pay attention of things inside the house, such as bed, kitchen, bathroom, stove, fish tank and etc.

Family Room

Where do you watch television in your house? Where do you play together with your kids? Where do you gather with the other family members? In a family room, isn't it? This room has an important role in increasing harmony in your family. If there is no harmony, this room will be like a dead room as if unable to use it anytime you want to. We should arrange it harmoniously, furniture inside must appropriate with its function and the addition things like paintings, curtain, statue, vase and ashtray. Good family room based on fengshui:

  • Has furniture like table, chair and cupboard.
  • Put nice decoration on the wall, something we can remember, can be achievement we have gained.
  • Use material that is long lasting and easily taken care of. Material that has unique decoration or beautiful memory. Do not put things such as bad taste painting or creepy statue.
  • The unity of a family room is a unity that every family member can use every time to gather in a family.

Bed Room

It is not recommended to put a bed in front of door. Avoid putting mirror in front of bed and light above bed. It can affect your health. What if the light suddenly broken and hit you when you are asleep? 


Kitchen is a centre of life, a place where food and drink are processed. We should keep our kitchen clean as we cook rice and water there. The air ventilation and lightning take part as well so that the energy enters our body through food and drink is a clean and not contaminated energy. A good position for stove is not facing directly to door, this is for avoiding the "good air" from being burnt down. You should not put a water barrel next to the stove for fire is the opposite of water. The "fire" must keep on flaming so that the life process is not stuck. The room above kitchen should not bathroom or bedroom. If it is bathroom, the negative energy will come down to kitchen. If it is bedroom, the person in that room will get sick easily.


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