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Your Front Door Should Encourage Good Chi

An attractive entrance to your home or office will encourage good to enter. If you can arrange your front door so that it faces your or great prosperity direction, it will help bring in wealth, love all energy enters through your front door, it is important to keep the door so the door will be free to open without problems.

Make sure your front door is not broken, and opens smoothly. A broken door or one that is hard to enter is the worst kind of energy to start with. Your door size should not be too large or too small relative to the size of the house. The main door should not open inside onto a solid wall within three feet of the open door.

The size of the door should be well balanced to the dwelling, not too small or oversized in proportion to the rest of the house. Too narrow an entrance stifles the flow of good chi entering the house, and you will have to invest more time, money and energy to achieve your goals if you live in a house with a small entrance.

Well-situated front doors are wide and lead into a foyer that open to other rooms in the house. The foyer acts as a buffer to slow the fast flowing energy as it enters your home. The front door should never open directly into the living room without some kind of buffer to slow the energy.

Bright-colored doors are very inviting and set the tone for overall harmony inside the home. Regardless of the color you select, it should provide a good contrast to the color of the rest of the house. Red is a good color for a door, but only if it is a compatible color for your overall harmony or great prosperity. The color should also be compatible with the main colors of the house.


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