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Dining In The Round Is Beneficial To Relationships

The dining room should be centrally located in the home in order to ensure an abundance of good chi energy. Food is important in keeping you healthy and happy. Round, oval and octagonal tables are more beneficial than square or rectangular tables, as there are no sharp edges to separate people. If you have a square table, try to get one with rounded corners. The dining room should be well lit, with pictures placed on the wall that are relaxing to look at and soothing to the nerves.

Eating in a quiet place, or a place containing soft music, is very good for digesting your food. A crystal chandelier placed over the table ensures sparkling chi energy. The dining room is one of the best places for a large mirror. This "doubles" the food (abundance) and ensures good chi. However, mirrors should never be placed so that they cut the heads off of you or your guests. The mirror should cover one wall of the dining room, and mirrored squares should be avoided.

Fix Your Home Fengshui


Notice your main door, are your shoes or sandals scattering? Keep your main door clean and neat. The energy (chi) comes with wind and brings the smell of the shoes or sandals inside house that may cause disease. If may, build a small water fountain or fish pond to catch this bad energy. A good main door is when we open the door, our sight is not blocked by anything, like a big tree or electric pillar. Why so ? It is believed that incoming fortune is blocked.

What we are supposed to get, not arrive smoothly in our place. If there is a big tree in front of our main door, it is better to cut it away. If our main door is facing a big electric pillar, the solution is to move your main door position as you can not cut away the pillar. If that is difficult to do, you can hang a small mirror on the wall above your main door.

The path to inside the house should not a winding path, it is assumed that fortune is slow to arrive on your hands. You can arrange the guest table and chair so that the access from outside to inside is not blocked. Avoid the main door that is emerged with the back door, because incoming money will directly go out again. You can put a cupboard as a partition for the solution to this.


A television should not in your bedroom. If it is not possible to move it, cover the television with plastic, not cloth.


Avoid putting mirror in front of or next to your bed because this will cause the third person in your love life. Do not let kids sleep on the mattress because they can get sick easily. It is because the chi is not streaming under bed. Chi must circulate around the bed to keep kids healthy. Bunk bed is not suggested also as the kid sleeps in lower bed tends to get sick because he does not get enough fresh chi. But if you have to use bunk bed, place a crystal ball on the door to break the bad chi around his bed.

If your kids often get sick, move them to other room or put bell with six metals which can break the earth energy in the room. A bed should be supported by a strong wall at the back. It is important so that you can sleep well and tight then you wake up freshly. In the end you will focus on your work in the office. Do not out pillar above your bed because it will block the chi that will make you depressed. Always open your room window for 20 minutes a day to let fresh air in. If no, you will sleep with old chi all night that blocks good luck to come to you.

  • Bed facing direction
  • North develops intuition
  • North east helps job related to research and experiment
  • East sleeps peacefully through the night
  • South east endures in working
  • South has good reputation
  • South west help in your love life
  • West has good kids
  • North west will have many friends

Fish Pond

A well placed fish pond will bring luck to you. Notice if after four months placing the fish pond, you have many problems, you should move the fish pond to other suitable place. If you put it at random, it will cause bankruptcy, pressure in work place and any other problem.


Make sure that you do not place the stove in front of refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine and toilet. Water and fire facing each other will make the family not harmonious.


It is not suggested to use red colored sofa as it describes fire element. Red colored sofa will increase work pressure, difficulties and obstacle. You may consult this with fengshui expert.

Study Table

For small kids, tell them to lean their back on the wall while they are writing. Place study table close to strong wall, this can make kids sit and study for a long time.

Dining Table

If you have a lot of pressure in work place, the reason may be your marble dining table. If so, you should change it with wood dining table.

Water Closet

The suggested position of your water closet is aligned with road in front of your house, not facing or overshadowing the street in front of your house. This is believed so that the incoming fortune is not disposed directly.


If it is possible, do not use circular stairs. But if you have to, make a prop under it so that the steps not support on one pole. This is so that the fortune center does not support on one center only or in other words, the chance to gather basic necessities of life still open if something happens to your job.

Door Material

Someone's luck is affected by material that is used to make a door believe it or not. Wood is the best material for making doors. Even wood itself has many kinds of quality. Position, size, form and material of a door are important things to notice about. Each material gives different effect to the dwellers. Cracking door gives bad sign to the family because it expresses a bad social relation in the family. For main door, a strong and good quality wood is really suggested.

This can bring blessing to the people living inside. Besides that, a good quality wood will endures more facing weather changing. Teak wood is the best wood. Why? "Teak" word has a philosophy meaning, true, real, genuine. More broaden, the meaning is the owner of the house has a good personality and a tough mind of own, not a toady person and not a person who is swaying with the wind. Choose the door frame that is not easily bent. The bent door frame describes economy that is not stable.


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