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The Kitchen - Where Wealth And Abundance is Created

The Chinese believe the kitchen and the placement of the stove is critical to the accumulation of wealth. The placement of the stove in the kitchen can bring extreme good luck to the owners, ensuring wealth and abundance. The stove can also ensure for the owners, a place of high position in the business world.

The stove and oven should be kept clean, with all burners working at all times. If anything breaks or malfunctions, make certain it is fixed as soon as you notice it is not working. The kitchen door should not face the front or back door; otherwise your luck flows out these doors. The stove should not face the back door, either, for the same reason.

The kitchen is another fire element, and therefore red should be avoided in this area of the house. If you have too much red in the kitchen, you are more likely to have a fire in your home. Nothing higher than your head should be hung in your home, especially in the kitchen. You must feel comfortable when you are preparing the food. I see pots and pans hanging over the stove or center of the kitchen in many homes, but this is not a fortuitous placement.


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