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Nowadays, many people live in city high-rises. Apartment and condominium living provide different challenges. If you live in an apartment building, never live at the end of a long corridor, nor in front of the elevator or stairway. All of your finances will fly away and down through the fast moving energy of the stairway, elevator or long corridor. If possible, place a plant at the entrance in the hallway to slow some of the fast flowing energy.

If you live in an apartment building, green plants and fresh flowers can be used to bring nature into your home. Fresh flowers brought in weekly help keep your energy level high.

Speaking of sound, soft music in the home is important to elevate ones energy, making it easier to produce good work that generates more money.

Wind chimes are good instruments for beneficial energy when placed next to the front and back doors. The chimes should be hollow and large enough so they produce a nice melody of pleasing sounds when chimed. Together with harmony and rhythm, melody is one of the three basic elements of music. Having soothing sounds in your environment is another way to attract harmony and money.

Fireplaces, regardless of the room where they are found, should never be left uncovered. A screen or glass should cover the opening. Open fireplaces leak out good chi energy and take away all of your money.

You can counterbalance the negative force by placing the opposite color, if the bathroom is placed in an unfortunate place in the house.

  • Washers in leaky faucets should be replaced immediately, f o r leaky faucets slowly leak away your finances.
  • The proper placement of the bathroom in the home is also an important element for accumulating and keeping wealth.
  • The head of your bed should not be placed on a bathroom wall as this placement is detrimental to your health.

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