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Watch Your Back While at Work

Whether you work at home or in an office, never sit with your back to the door, and try not to face a wall. Facing a wall can make it seem as though you will never get ahead, as your progress is blocked. If you do face a wall, and it is impossible to rearrange your desk, a mirror placed on the wall in front of you will help to some extent remedy the situation.

Many offices today have cubicles where people are all crowded together. If this is the case and you must sit with your back to the door, a small mirror on the wall in front of you will allow you to see people approaching from behind. Youll find this small adjustment will increase your comfort level. It isnt conducive to good chi energy to work with your back to the door or to other people. If your back is to the door or to other people, you are opening yourself up to get stabbed in the back.

Your back should not face a window, either, as you will not have the support you need. If this is not possible, keep the window covered with drapes or blinds, and place a large green plant by the window or in front of it. You can also use a screen for the same purpose.

Never sit directly in front of your office door. Try to sit at an angle so that you have a good view of the door, but are not directly in front of it. If you work in a home or outside office, always try to sit facing your great prosperity direction. If that is not possible, sit facing one of your three other good directions, preferably your overall harmony direction. Place objects like a globe, in the proper directions in your office the same way you would in your home. If you work out of the home, the office space should be activated with symbols to enhance the flow of money energy.

Fengshui In Your Work Place

Some companies, especially in East Asia implement fengshui. The workers feel big difference in doing their work and create a more fun place to work in. Many of us consider comfort ability as the elementary reference. Fengshui methods provide comfort ability that we are all looking for. In fengshui, there are two different streams.

First, fengshui that is related to secret mystical or magical practices of a questionable nature and forecasting. Second, fengshui related to knowledge that learnable and applicable in life. The first fengshui appears because there are many fengshui experts have been studying the connection between life and mystical things. While the second fengshui explains that fengshui basically is a study to analyze the smoothness of energy in every situation and is accommodated with human life together with the activities - including business and career.

If the energy is going smoothly in a situation, then it will be advantage for us. If on the contrary where the energy is not going smoothly, it will be disadvantage for our activity. By studying this we will know when the energy is smooth and not. Even though  human can read the energy opportunity for himself, the real thing is in God's hands. So, the luck in fengshui is combination of 3 interference, which are God, environment where human lives and the human himself. Fengshui is like fresh air to increase motivation and calmness in working. Here are how to get positive climate in your office.

  1. Avoid sharp corner furniture. Energy in a room full of sharp corner furniture is a harming Chi. This energy can weaken your body energy and cause less concentration in working.
  2. Less furniture with good arrangement and lightning. The Chi is unable to flow if your room is full with furniture. In Chinese way, this kind of Chi will make you feel isolated, depressed and lose spirit. The best suggestion is smooth Chi stream and put on more lightning.
  3. Locate your table in strong position which means you can view disperse to every corner. With this position you will be able to control everything unconsciously. It is better that you sit with your back facing the wall.
  4. Avoid direct view to window as your concentration is easily distracted.
  5. Do not stare at blank wall. Hang some paintings and decoration on the wall instead.
  6. Use color strength. Every part of a room separated by different colors, for example by placing plants or furniture with different colors.

Arranging Your Work Table With Fengshui

Do you often get bored and not in mood to finish your work? Is your work table full of stack of documents? Reports papers cover your table? If so, read on. Your work table should be free of intricate. Documents and papers should not right in front of or right behind your seat. If the stack is in front of you, your sight is blocked which said your career is blocked also. If it is behind you, you will always feel that you will not finish that work.

The best place to put your documents and papers is on the right side of your work table. By putting this way, you will increase energy in dragon's side (luck). With good arrangement will create a productive and creative atmosphere and give inspiration to help you reach your goal. Bad arrangement will make you lose motivation and create frustration. 
In arranging your work table, there are some fengshui guidelines:

  • Use rounded corner work table.
  • Choose bright wood color for your work table to give neutral effect on energy movement.
  • Empty your drawer from useless things and fill it with useful things so that the energy inside can move.
  • You can increase the energy by putting fresh flowers on your table, but do not forget to replace the water in the vase every day. If the flowers wilt, change with the new ones soon. If you do not do so, it could bring bad energy to you.
  • Always put things that can increase energy on you, such as family pictures, globe, etc. Make sure you do not put too many that may block new chances to get in.

Know Your Meeting Room

Believe it or not, that every corner of your meeting room affects you. Yes, you can implement fengshui methods to your meeting room. Someone's face direction is an important factor to create creativity. If you face:

  • South: give vitality and peep out new ideas.
  • North: inspire independence and suits for thinkers.
  • West: inspire mind sharpness and suits for practical project manager.
  • East: give ambition and suits for IT specialist or product developer.
  • North East: suits for dealers who seek short term money seeker.
  • North West: create regularity for those who have administrative responsibility.
  • South West: inspire simplicity and efficiency for manager and founder of team.

Your Window

Window is like eyes. The location and window size affect someone's luck. Widely open window to circulate the Chi. Outwardly opened window is the best alternative because it can maximize the Chi circulation, increase career and create harmony. Window will ease if the dweller's Chi is tense. On the other hand, inwardly opened window potentially create uncomfortable and tense dweller's Chi. Window that is opened up and down and not widely opened is not maximizing flowing Chi. This can cause a person make bad prejudice to visitors.

West facing window is potentially disturb dweller's Chi. Afternoon sunray can cause headache and work inefficiently. If it is not possible to close it, you can hang a crystal ball to bias the destructive sunray into rainbow phosphorescent which can strengthen the whole room with positive Chi.
The top side window should be taller than the tallest dweller. It can multiply the tall person's luck. The window should be wide enough because narrow window blocks Chi stream and narrows sight and luck.


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