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Replace Or Repair Broken Items And Don’t Overcrowd

Everything in your home should be in working order. If you have a broken chair, replace it or get it fixed immediately. If you have chips on some of your dishes, get rid of them.

It is not good feng shui to have chipped dishes, or anything in the kitchen that is not working. Replace anything in the home that is not working properly, especially burned out light bulbs, leaky sinks, and broken or cracked windows and doors. Everything should be in proper working order, or your resources will drain away.

The computer you work on daily should not have cords going in every which direction. Use a large funnel cord to put all the small cords in so they look neat and tidy.

Another important aspect element in promoting good feng shui is avoiding overcrowding. When you have too much stuff in your environment, energy does not flow easily. It is better to have less in a room so the chi can move comfortably. You should feel relaxed and secure in every room of the house.

Speaking of every room in the house, every room in your home should be used. I have done feng shui consultations in huge homes to where much of the house is not used. You can feel when rooms are not used. They hold dead energy. It is very important to use every room in order to circulate the energy to all parts of the house. If a room holds dead energy, that room exerts a bad influence on the rest of the house and can cause illness to the people who live there.


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