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After each cleaning of your home of clutter, there is a procedure that is called space clearing or smudging that should be undertaken each time, using white sage, candles and bells. This is a very important course of action for clearing away negative energies. I clear negative energies with each feng shui I do. It gets rid of dead energy and brings new life into the home.

At first, some people are concerned and feel a little apprehensive with this procedure because the procedure isnt something theyre familiar with. Smudge clearing raises the level of vibrations in a place. I tell the people it is not, good or bad energy, it is just static energy that needs to be dispersed to make way for clearer and more active energy. Clearing energy allows good chi to enter so that your home will be fresh, clean and alive.

Homes and offices can benefit from being cleared out at least once a month. After clearing the space, light a white candle and let it burn for a while.

If you are concerned about aspects of the procedure, think about how the Catholic church uses frankincense and bells during services to spiritually uplift worshippers, the early American Indians who routinely used peace pipes and smudging. They cleared out energy with smoking of the pipe and a chant dance. All cultures have used some form of space clearing since the beginning of time.

Start at the front door and go around the perimeter of the house feeling and sensing the energy. Once you do this, you will be amazed to discover how you can feel stagnant or alive energy in different rooms. Since your home is already familiar to you, it will be easier to tune in if you sit quietly in each room and try to feel the energy. If you have an affinity with animals or plants, you will find that you have an affinity with buildings, too. Buildings have energy just as animals or plants, you just have to tune into this energy to help release suppressed energy and move it so it becomes alive again.

If your home is more than one floor, start at the bottom of the building and move upward to each level. Energy always stagnates at the bottom. If you have a basement, start working with the basement first. Most people have cluttered basements, and if this is the case, get in there and clean it out You will be amazed to see what a difference youll feel and how your life will change.


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