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Tweak Your Thinking

Everyone has a different attitude towards money. Find out if yours needs reworking.

"I'm 100-Percent Focused On Saving"

If friends have been telling you to loosen up and have some fun, it could mean you've way too stingy. Perhaps you're afraid you won't be left with much after indulging yourself? It that's the case, find ways to spend less on what you like. Hey, that's what discounts and promotions are for. Take advantage!

"When I Spend, I Feel Guilty!"

Make a list of the loans you have to service and the bills you need to pay every month. Then set aside a sum for saving as well. With these amounts determined, you can be sure you won't go broke. No more guilt! When you have a clear idea of your financial health, there's no need to feel bad when you shop.

"Spend Now, Worry Later."

Do you behave like a financial ostrich, often burying your head and praying money problems will just disappear? The simplest solution is to leave your credit cards at home and go shopping with a fixed amount. Say no to reckless charging.

"Money Is Meant To Be Spend!"

There's nothing wrong with enjoying life and treating yourself well, but don't have too much fun that you forget to set aside cash for emergencies and your future. Commit a sum into a financial plan like an endowment fund - that'll put some form of discipline on you savings.

Tear Down The Money Wall

Try these tips to keep the peace when discussing money with your husband:

  • Don't avoid the topic. Instead, pull out statements and bills, analyse your situation and goals, and talk it out.

  • Have a joint savings or current account for household expenses which you both contribute to at the start of the month.

  • Have personal accounts for your own expenses - so, he won't complain about the cost of perming your hair, and you do not have to know the cost of his gift to you.

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