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Beware Of Heat Disorders

Another problem to look out for when training in hot, sunny weather is heat disorders. There are three types of heat disorders: heat cramps, hear exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat Cramps

Are muscle cramps usually in the legs, due to excessive loss of salt and water from the body following excessive sweating.

Heat Exhaustion

Is the most common form of heat disorder and occurs when the body loses so much water and salt that the blood flow to the skin, muscles and vital organ is affected. Losing heat through sweating is not taking place fast enough and the body temperature rises. The individual feels weak, dizzy and may even faint. There may be associated headache and stomach cramps,

Heat Stroke

Is the most dangerous and a serious medical emergencv. The body's ability- to cool itself has broken down and rile temperature continues to climb and may go well 40 degrees centigrade. The patient is confused and drowsy, and may become unconscious.

Preventing Heat Disorders

Heat disorders may be prevented if you adequately prepare yourself for any strenuous physical training:

  • Drink enough water before, during and after physical exercise. This is especially important in weather which is hot and humid, and you are constantly losing sale and water through sweat.
  • Get enough sleep and rest before a particularly strenuous activity.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

Complications of heat stroke include brain damage, kidney failure and abnormal blood clotting. Effective first-aid rendered promptly, followed by treatment in hospital can reduce the risk of such complications developing. Always remember that the best way of preventing death and disability from heat stroke is to prevent heat disorders from occurring in the first place.


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