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Keep Food At Safe Temperatures

Food must be handled and stored properly to prevent bacteria from multiplying to dangerous levels and causing food poisoning. As a general guide, keep hot food hot and cold food cold. This is because bacteria multiply quickly in the danger one between 5 Degrees Celsius and 60 Degrees Celsius. Keeping food at temperatures beyond this range can slow down or stop bacteria growth. Always keep food at the right temperatures and read labels for handling and storing instructions. By observing a few simple practices, we can maintain the quality of food and protect our familys health.

Choose Frozen Food That Are Stored Below The Load Line

The load line indicates the level up to the which food may be stored so that they are kept at the correct temperature. It is usually found in the horizontal chiller or freezer.

Buy Chilled And Frozen Food Last And Head Home Immediately

Chilled and frozen food are perishable and should be kept chilled or frozen at all times. Any increase in temperature facilities bacteria growth and increases the risk of food poisoning.

Store Chilled And Frozen Food Immediately After Shopping

Transfer chilled and frozen food into the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you reach home. Keep these food out of the temperature danger zone of 5 Degrees Celsius and 60 Degrees Celsius to prevent bacteria from multiplying quickly.

Keep Chilled And Frozen Food In Insulated Bags Or Containers

Bring insulated bags or keep insulated containers in your car boot when buying chilled or frozen food. Place your purchases in these containers as soon as possible.

Do Not Overload The Fridge

When storing food in the freezer or chiller, leave enough space in between food items so that cold air can circulate freely. Avoid over-crowding your refrigerator.

Do Not Keep Cooked Food At Room Temperature

Bacteria multiply quickly between 5 Degrees Celsius and 60 Degrees Celsius. The risk of spoilage and food poisoning increases when food is kept in this danger zone. If cooked food is not going to be consumed within 2 hours, keep it in a warmer or the refrigerator.

Reheat Cooked Food Thoroughly

Storing cooked food in the refrigerator does not kill the bacteria. If food is not reheated thoroughly, bacteria may still grow in the inner parts of the food. Reheat the food thoroughly until it is steaming hot (at least 75 Degrees Celsius).

Thaw Food In The Fridge Or Microwave Oven

Do not leave food to thaw at room temperature. Thaw food in the refrigerator or use the microwave oven. This will prevent the rapid growth of bacteria.

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