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Make Time For A Filling Meal

It is easy to overlook your meals when you are tied down with work or busy at home. Learn to schedule regular meals the way you would plan a project, and you will feel healthier and full of energy.

Take A Break

Book an appointment in your diary each day for lunch. No matter how busy you are, you will be far more productive in the afternoon if you make time for a lunch break. Get out of your work or home environment, go for a walk or sit in a park; just make sure you do not spend your lunch hour at your desk.

Make A Lunch Date

Meet a friend, family member or a colleague for lunch. It is a wonderful way to relax and get to know people. Do it at least once a week, and you will not only increase your contacts, you will also enjoy meal times more.

Follow A Weekly Plan

On your kitchen board, list the week's evening meals. If you do this on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you will know what you are going to make for the week and what ingredients you may need to stock up on during the weekend.

Share The Chores

Get help from flatmates or family members to prepare and cook meals. If everybody chips in, it becomes a family activity; it can be fun to bond over food. If you live on your own, share the work with a friend. Cook half of the week's dinners and make enough for two. Get your friend to do the same, and swap dishes. Involve more people in the pool, and you will have to spend less time in the kitchen. You can also look forward to variety in your diet.

Save Time

Using online shopping services can save you time and money. You can request for a delivery time convenient to you. If you like variety and fresh ingredients every day, ask your regular fruit-seller or butcher if they can deliver your purchases. For items that come in cans or packets, stock up every month.

Experiment With Food

Keep your taste buds tantalised with a variety of foods and flavors. Try new exotic fruits or international flavorings; this will keep you interested in food. Try out different types of cuisines for variety. Attend cooking classes or watch cooking shows on television. This will trigger your interest in food, and could even become a productive and therapeutic hobby.

Create The Right Setting

Encourage your family or flatmates to eat together. Set the table, put on some music, light a candle or soften the lighting so you can enjoy your meal in a relaxing atmosphere. Too often, people eat on their own or are distracted at meal times, missing out on quality time with loved ones. Turn off the television at meal times. You are more likely to overeat with the television on as you do not pay attention to what, and how much, you are eating. If someone is insistent on watching the news or their favorite programme during dinner, see if you can bring forward or push back meal times. Whatever you do, view meal times as a time to take a break, enjoy the food and the company.

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