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Dine Smart!

  • While you wait for your table, browse through the menu. This way, you save time when deciding on what to order.
  • As the maitre d' leads you to your table, glance at what others have on their table. If anything looks interesting, ask the waiter for details.
  • When making your order, ask the waiter to recommend a popular dish or a signature dish. Don't ask if dishes are good because chances are no one will tell you they're not.
  • If you're dining with toddlers, bring toys to prevent them from feeling bored and acting up. Apart from drawing paper and crayon, which they could very well chew on, you could also ask for (or bring your own) kiddie appetiser like carrot or cucumber sticks. They work wonders.
  • Don't feel intimidated to send food back if you feel there's something wrong with it. However, do that AFTER you have ordered a replacement dish. You never know what goes on in the kitchen when a complaint arrives.
  • A menu isn't really what it seems so if your waiter is not competent enough to fill you in on promotions, perhaps you could make a habit out of asking about daily specials. Also, be mindful that you CAN request for certain ingredients to be omitted in case of allergy and preference.
  • When the waiter asks you for portion size, ask to be shown a sample dish so you and your dining partner won't be surprised that "medium" can actually feed six people.
  • Hygiene Alert

    Serving up a healthy salad for dinner? Great? But even if you're using pre-washed packaged veggies, don't take your chances make sure you give them a good rinse? You can get a really nasty bout of food poisoning if the greens weren't handled properly during packaging. And remember: Scrub your hands with soap and water both before and after handling food?


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