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7 Tips To Achieve A Healthy Body

Low-Fat Diet

Make sure your diet is as low-fat as possible. In spite of exhortations over the past 10 years to eat less fat, most of us are still eating too much, mainly because its food or high palatability and enjoyability. On females, any excess is always stored below the waist. This is because the female hormone oestrogen sends it there, whereas on guys, fat tends to be stored around the middle.

Cut Down On Tea And Coffee

Its now well-known that caffeine, a highly addictive substance, puts extra stress on the kidneys so that they cannot cleanse the system properly. The result is that waterlogged waste otherwise known as the dreaded cellulite stays in fat cells. And, fat cells in hips and thighs are twice as big as those anywhere else, so they swell up far more. Aim at two cups of tea and one cup of coffee a day, drunk preferably in the morning. At other times, try herbal teas. Fennel tea is particularly good.

Drink More Water

Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of the system. Many people find water so boring to drink that they tend to forget about it, but if you build it in to your daily routine, it will become a habit. Aim at six to eight glasses a day, and always take a glass of water to bed with you.

Dairy Products Is Out

Avoid dairy products as far as you can. You dont need them, and they are sticky, heavy, mucus-forming and clog up the system. Only babies need milk products. Also, much modern dairy and poultry produce is stuffed full of antibiotics and hormones to stop them getting diseases. Whats bad for animals cant be good for us and our bodies find it difficult to get rid of such rubbish.

Cut Down On Sugar

Cut down on sugar as much as possible. Most sugar contains no nutrients at all. If you must have something sweet, use brown sugar or organic honey. Try carob instead of chocolate far fewer calories and better for you.

Eat High-Fibre Foods

Recent research has established that one of the best ways of losing weight is to increase the intake of fibre. This results in around 150 extra calories a day being lost from increase stool size. Not much on a daily basis, perhaps, but it adds up over a year. Its also been found that more weight is lost when high-fibre foods are eaten at lunchtime than in the evenings, so make lunch your biggest meal of the day. High-fibre foods include: oats, wholemeal bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, potatoes, fruit, lentils and all pulses. If you can manage it, a high-raw diet of fresh fruits and raw vegetables for a week will get your lymphatic system moving fast.

Aromatherapy Oils

The right essential, or aromatherapy oils, will help you detoxify the system, and get waste products out of fat cells. Look for stimulating aromatherapy oils. You use the little tiny bottles in the bath never put them straight onto your skin and the massage oil on your skin after the bath.


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