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If You're Lactose-Intolerant...

Asians tend to be lactose-intolerant so downing mile is not always the best way to get calcium. Try other healthy sources like tofu, almonds, Brazil nuts, salmon, sardines, broccoli, cauliflower, soybeans, seaweed and molasses. If you just love your milk, the recommended daily intake of calcium is 800 to 1,000msg for adults up to 50 years of age.

Good News For Coffeeholics

A recent study in Japan has found that those who take one or two cups a day cut their risk of liver cancer by half as compared to those who skip the cuppa. Another study reports that drinking the black stuff might also lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes. However, women should note that caffeine is calcium-depleting have more dairy so you can enjoy your coffee.

Flush Out Fat

Drinking at least eight 8-ounce bottles (about 200ml) daily will help boost your metabolism, maintain muscle tone and metabolise fat. Replacing two cans of sugary soda with two glasses of H2O will also help you save 300 calorie a day thats 30 pounds in one year!

Embrace Raisins

These raisins not only satisfy your sweet tooth, they also fight tooth decay. Lab tests by the College of Dentistry in the University of Illinois at Chicago show that compounds in raisins can inhibit selected oral bacteria often associated with cavities and gum disease. Raisins are also rich in vitamin B6, iron and fibre, so they make a healthy snack. But do consume in moderation.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper

A dash of this spicy stuff not only promotes a sense of fullness, it will also help you burn more calories. According to researchers at Masstricht University in The Netherlands, drinking a glass of tomato juice spiked with some pepper before a meal can help reduce a calorie intake by 16 percent.

What To Take Note When Buying Health Care Products?

Health care and related products have increased in number dramatically over the last two decades. Many of the maladies that affect us on a day-to-day basis can be treated effectively on our own without medical attention. Also, in our ever-increasing desire to present ourselves in a more positive light, use of cosmetics, hair care items, etc. has multiplied the variety of those products that are now available.

There are a few things to remember, though, when buying any health care and related products, whether it be aspirin, shampoo or deodorant. Read the label carefully, even if the product is something you've used before. Manufacturers reformulate their products to different strengths, higher or lower, or there may be new information about side effects. Allergies can result from anything that we ingest or put on our skin; be aware of what, if any, possible side effects can occur when using the product, and what to do.

Chocolate - Better Than Cough Mixture?

Your favorite chocolate may be a better cure for that cure for that couch than cough mixture according to interesting research from London. In a study, volunteers were given disguised capsules containing codeine (found in cough medicines), theobromine (found in chocolate) and a placebo. While codeine was found effective at preventing coughs, the cocoa ingredient was 33 per cent more effective, preventing cough effectively for four hours, without side effects. Dark chocolate is said to be more potent as it has up to 450 mg of theobromine per 30 g.

Fart-Free Beans

No need to be deterred from a high-fibre, protein-rich diet for fears of breaking wind or experiencing colic. Prim Beams, a new variety of flatulence-free Manteca beans, assures no intestinal gas as a as a by -product of consumption. Its developer, Dr Colin Leaky, discovered that Manteca beans grown in Chile do not generate flatulence due to the tannins in their seed coat. Currently Prim Beans are being grown in Essex.

A Pox In The Henhouse

Poultry is often crawling with Campylobacter, a cause of food poisoning. Now research reveals that conventionally raised chickens are more likely to contain bacteria than organic birds are. When Johns Hopkins scientists tested four brands for drug resistant Campylobacter, they uncovered the bug in 96 percent of Tyson chickens and 43 percent of Perdue hens. Only 13 percent and five percent, respectively, of all-natural brands Bell & Evans and Eberly tested positive. Season chicken with a natural antimicrobial like garlic or thyme and cook to 80°C.

Stop A Gland Slam

A new treatment may end the pain of chronic prostatitis. Cleveland Clinic researchers tested 16 prostatitis sufferers and found that microorganisms called nanobacteria and tiny calcium stones were common causes. They then prescribed 500 milligrams of tetracycline and calcium-dissolving EDTA daily After three months of therapy, 80 percent felt fewer symptoms. If you have prostatitis and conventional treatment hasn't helped, ask your doctor for an antibiotic/EDTA combo.

Human Body

Every part of human body is nourished by blood vessels through which the blood arrives at arterial and leave as lymphatic system starts. Lymph flows through these lymphatic vessels, removing a large part of wastes, metabolism by-products and other useless substances that the cells reject, as well as bacteria. Thereby cleansing the intra-cellular fluid and maintaining the body's defense system vigilant.


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