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Keeping Eye Infection At Bay

Proper cleaning and good hygiene is crucial in warding off infections and complications related to contact lens use. Practice proper contact lens cleaning and care regimes. Rub lenses with fingers and rinse them thoroughly before leaving them to soak overnight in a multi-purpose solution. Cleaning is essential to remove the protein that accumulates through the day.

Besides causing irritation, the protein build-up can encourage bacterial or fungal growth. Do not use disposable contact lenses beyond their recommended period. Change the solution in the lens storage case every day, even if the lenses have not been used. Instead of leaving solution in the lens case, wearers should drain away any remaining solution, rinse the case with water and turn it upside down to dry. This prevents the accumulation of residue and grit that can encourage pathogenic growth.

To be doubly safe, change the case every three months. Replace contact lens storage cases at least every three months and store it in an appropriate place. The worst place to store lenses is the bathroom as the warmth and humidity encourage bacterial and fungal growth. Stop wearing the lenses if eyes develop any redness, blurring of vision and pain, and consult a doctor or contact lens practitioner. Use spectacles instead of contact lenses for the time being.

Vegetables And Fruits For The Eyes

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported in December 2005 that a diet rich in v itamins C, E, and zinc, on top of beta carotene - found in many fruit and vegetables - reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration. Macular degeneration refers to a condition in which the cells of the macula of the centre of mascula lutea (the 'yellow spot' located near the the centre of the retina at which v isual perception is most acute) breaks down, leading to blurred vision and ultimately blindness.

Save Your Eyes Are You Reading In An Eye-Friendly Manner?

When Reading

  • Hold your book about 30cm away from your eyes.

  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair.

  • Make sure you have adequate lighting in the room.

  • Avoid excessive glare shining directly onto the book or your face.

  • Choose books that have larger print.

When Using The Computer

  • Place the monitor screen about 50cm away from the eyes.

  • Ensure adequate lighting in the room.

  • Adjust the monitor screen to reduce glare. Glare can result from the reflection of other light sources.

When Watching TV

  • Sit at least 2m away from the screen.

  • Switch on a light in the room.

  • Position the centre of the screen at eye level or lower.

  • Do not lie down while watching television.

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