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How To Reduce Perspiration?

Excessive perspiration may be due to an underlying medical condition such as an over-active thyroid gland, obesity and severe psychiatric illnesses. It may also be found in healthy individuals with no known medical history, in which the case the cause is unknown. Excessive sweating is a common complaint among people who are overweight.

Judicious weight-reduction may alleviate the problem. If the perspiration is localized to certain parts of the body, such as the underarms, the palms and the soles, treatment may help. Antiperspirants applied to the affected area are a simple and occasionally helpful measure. Medical treatment with iontophoresis (where a low-intensity electric current is applied to the skin) or localized injections of botulinum toxin are effective. Surgery to reduce perspiration offers more prolonged benefits for people who are severely affected.

Shake The Smell

Deodorant or anti-perspirant? A deodorant works by masking your body odours with fragrances. while an anti-perspirant works by reducing the amount of sweat produced which also results in a reduction of body odour.


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