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Flat Feet

There are many ways to alleviate the inconveniences caused by the condition. Some advices for you:

Get Treated

A podiatrist will usually prescribe custom-made insoles that will create an arch when you have footwear on. Prescribed insoles are also termed customized functional orthotics and they last between a year and a half and four years.

Get A Foot Massage

Being the lowest body part and furthest away from the heart, the feet tend to have weaker blood circulation. People with flat feet tear their ligaments easily. With poor circulation, ligaments take longer to heal. Massages will not cure flat feet but they help to increase blood circulation so that injured ligaments can heal faster.

Control Your Body Weight

Obese people put more weight on their feet.

Here Are Some Shopping And Styling Tips For People With Flat Feet When They Buy Shoes

  • Shoes need to be broken in? Rubbish. Shoes never stretch enough with wear to morph from uncomfortable to comfortable.
  • Running shoes may be good for flat-footed but even the highest quality pair loses cushioning strength after 640km or about two years.
  • Feet expand with weight so make sure you stand up when trying on a pair.
  • To test the cushioning, wear shoes on a hard surface not just on the shop's carpets.
  • Sometimes the perfect shoes have to be tailor-made.

How Do You Use A Pumice Stone?

Pumice stones are basic tools for anyone who wants crack-free feet. A natural, lava-based substance that is expelled form volcanoes, pumice has an abrasive texture which makes it ideal for removing and exfoliating dead skin, especially from the heels and balls of the feet. The stone will work like sandpaper and remove layers of rough skin. But don't exfoliate every day - alternate days are enough.

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