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Rashes From Accessories Worn

If you wear accessories and your skin develop rashes. It may be due to an allergic reaction to a component of the accessories that came into contact with your skin. The most common cause is nickel allergy. Nickel is found in costume jewellery and accessories with metallic parts. In order to confirm the presence of nickel allergy, you will need to undergo patch testing by a dermatologist.

People with nickel allergy will have to choose accessories without metallic components or wear jewellery made from unadulterated rare metals such as gold and silver. People who are not allergic to nickel but develop rashes when wearing accessories may have sensitive skin that is irritated by friction or the sweat trapped beneath the accessory.

The area of the skin in contact with the article should be well moisturized and the accessory should not be worn for long periods of time. Wearing the accessory on different parts of the body rather than over the same area will help reduce the irritation.


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