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Teething Problems

If you want sparkling white, perfectly aligned pearlies, cosmetic dentistry is the way to go.

Orthognathic Surgery

A combination of orthodontics and surgery, this treats patients with more complex problems like misaligned jaws and protruding chins. You will have to consult both an orthodontist and a maxillofacial surgeon. After wearing braces to align the teeth for a period of time, you will then go for surgery on the facial bones. This is followed by another period of bracing. The initial period of bracing will take nine to 18 months, while you will usually have to be hospitalized for five days after the operation. For around a month after the surgery, your jaw will have to be splinted with wires, which may impede your eating and speaking. The effects of surgery are permanent and should result in a better bite and straightened jaw and teeth.

Dental Implants

For people with missing teeth. A cylinder or screw-shaped implant made of titanium is slowly and carefully drilled into your jaw. After some time, the implant will fuse with the bone and will feel just like a real tooth. A crown will be fitted over the implant so that your tooth will look normal. Treatment will take from four months to a year. If you take care of your teeth and the implants, they should last a long time.


For people with badly decayed, discolored or irregularly-shaped teeth. During the first few treatments, the dentist will trim the damaged tooth under local anaesthesia for the crown to be fabricated. The crown will then sent to laboratory for the crown to be fabricated. The crown will then be affixed to the tooth with dental cement. It takes around two weeks to fit the crown. This treatment lasts permanently.


For people with deformed or slightly mispositioned teeth. A thin, custom-made shell made of porcelain is boned to your tooth with dental cement. A small portion of the tooth enamel has to be removed to allow the veneer to fit. As part of the tooth is removed, it is an irreversible treatment.

Teeth Whitening

For people with discolored teeth. Coffee and cigarette abusers, this is for you. This can be done at home or at the dental clinic. The clinic treatment uses the more recent technology of using laser to activate the bleaching gel on the teeth. For the home process, which has to be supervised by a dentist, a mouthguard tray is prepared for you. After filling the tray with gel, you will need to wear it for four hours a day or while sleeping. It takes two weeks for home treatment and two to three hours per in-clinic session. How long it last depends on the diets you return to after the treatment. Discoloring food like tea, coffee and even curry can affect how long the bleach lasts.

Dental Check-Ups Are Valuable

Many people think that there is no need to go for a dental check-up unless they are in pain. This is not true. Most dental problems progress very slowly - without any pain. Your dentist is trained to detect such problems. Early detection and timely treatment can correct or even prevent problems from occurring.

What Happens When You Go For A Dental Check-Up?

First of all, your dentist will examine all parts your mouth and face.

  • Teeth will be checked for things such as cracks, wear, decay and faulty fillings.
  • Gums will be checked to see if they have a healthy color and shape. If the gums bleed, that may be a sign of disease!
  • Bones, cheeks, tongue, palate and other parts of the mouth and face will be checked for any unusual swellings or surface changes.

Will X-rays Be Taken?

Yes, if your dentist thinks they are needed. X-rays can be very helpful to detect hidden problems. Don't worry, dental X-rays are safe!

Anything More?

Yes. Your expectations, needs and - importantly - any anxiety that you may have should be brought up so that your dentist can understand you better. If you have any medical problems, the effect on your oral health and treatment will be explained.

What Else?

The most important part of the check-up is the discussion that you and your dentist can have after the examination. This may inclide:

  • An explanation of what has been seen in your mouth
  • Recommendations on how to treat any problems discovered e.g. preventive measures like fluoride application or fissure sealants.
  • Advice on diet and the correct ways to clean your teeth.
  • Counselling on how to overcome any bad habits that you may have.
  • Monitoring the development of the teeth and jaws in growing children.

Brighten Your Teeth

Mash one ripe strawberry into a pulp and mix it with half a teaspoon of baking powder. Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mix onto your teeth. Leave it on for flue minutes and then remove it thoroughly with regular brushing and toothpaste, says US dentist Adina Carrel. Use dental floss afterwards to remove residual strawberry seeds still stuck in between your teeth.

Gummy Be Good

Notice that sticky, white stuff stuck between your teeth? You're looking at the start of gum disease? Once it hardens and becomes tartar, you need a dentist to remove it. Over time, tartar causes gum infection. You can help by ordering cranberry juice whenever it's available. It counters gum diseases by preventing bacteria from sticking to teeth?


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