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Does Vaccines Containing Mercury Lead To Autism?

What Are The Risks Of Autism From Vaccines Containing Mercury?

There have been some concerns raised by mothers on vaccines containing thimerosal or mercury. Extensive reports from national health institutes in the US, however have concluded that there is no proven association between these vaccines and autism,

How Did These Concerns Arise In The First Place?

Padiatric vaccines are administered just before the peak age of onset of autism, a chronic developmental disorder often first identified in toddlers fro age 18 to 30 months. The timing has lead some parents to mistakenly assume a causal relationship. In fact, increasing evidence indicates that autism is determined while the baby is still in the womb early in the pregnancy. Should parents have doubts about vaccinations, it is best that they discuss their child condition and needs with their paediatrician.

When Are Vaccinations Not Recommended?

There are very few medical reasons for delaying or declining vaccination. If a child is sick with a high temperature (over 38.5 degree Celsius), then vaccination should be postponed until the child is recovering. A child who has a runny nose, but is otherwise healthy, can be vaccinated, as can a child who is on antibiotics and obviously recovering from an illness. It is important not to delay any vaccination because the child will be at risk. However, there are children who should not be vaccinated: for example, children with immune deficiency disorders, or who are on medications, and vaccinations may interfere with their ability to fight infections.

What Some Things Few People Know About Vaccinations?

All it takes is for one non-vaccinated person to get infected and carry the disease back to his country to start an outbreak.

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