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A Clean Cut

Men who circumcised do so for religious reasons, and if they have recurrent penile predicaments such as infections or premature ejaculation. There are some elderly who suffered from dementia and has infections and inflammation of the foreskin and glans. Urine collects beneath the foreskin and breaks down into ammonia, making the genital area soggy, inflamed and painful. If the problem persists, circumcision is the solution.

Adult circumcision is not advisable unless you are experiencing overlying foreskin, difficulty retracting the foreskin, or inflammation at the head of the penis. The latter is caused by chronic by chronic irritation and can be prevented with careful cleaning beneath the foreskin. An anti-fungal or anti-inflammatory ointment may help.

Not surprisingly, most men are quite protective of their twigs and berries. If you intend to do it for your child, do it when he is really young, when he heals quicker and better. It is also cheaper then. In addition to having better hygiene, circumcised man will be protected against syphilis, genital herpes and urethritis. Circumcised men take longer to reach orgasm which can be viewed as a good thing.

A circumcised man is a man insured against a number of health problems. But what if the operation goes wrong? This can only happen if a cut is made of not just the thinner, sensitive, lighter-colored top third of the foreskin, but also the darker skin along the shaft. As a result, the remaining skin attached to the penis will be shorter. When fully erected, it can become crooked and cause severe pain.


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