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Butt-firming Exercises

Two Simple Exercises To Whip It Into Shape


Stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Arch the back slightly and tighten the abdominal muscles. Breathe in, look ahead and squat by leaning the abdominal muscles. Breath in, look ahead and squat by leaning slightly forward. Lower the body until the upper thigh is parallel to the ground before getting up. Breathe out at the end of the movement.

For Lunges With Dumbbells

Stand with legs slightly apart with each hand holding a dumbbell. Keeping the chest as straight as possible, take a step forward with the right leg to exercise the right butt cheek. Lower the body by bending the front knee. Return to initial position when the front thigh is parallel to ground. Exhale at the end of the movement. Do the same procedure for the other leg and butt cheek.

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