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Conditions That May Require Circumcision


It occurs when an irritation has caused the foreskin of the penis to swell and one is unable to pull the retracted foreskin over the head of the penis. Instead it ends trapped behind the glans, and part of the penis becomes restricted like a rubber band. This band restricts the skin from being pulled back even more. This condition must be corrected quickly to restore full circulation to the head of the penis, otherwise permanent injury may occur.

Genital Warts

It can become quite large and unresponsive to topical medications. If located on the foreskin, they may be best treated with circumcision. The recurrence of genital warts, in the long-term, may bring about penile cancer.

Penile Cancer

What collects beneath the foreskin is a combination of natural lubrication and discarded cells called smegma. When men will poor hygiene leave this to fester, the chronic inflammatory state is a cause of cancer of the penis. Removal of the foreskin fosters better hygiene and wellbeing.


It occurs when the foreskin cannot be pulled back due to a narrowing of the opening. In young children, the foreskin should be loose enough to be drawn back so as to completely expose the whole glans, and to be pulled forward again without pain or difficulty. In adults, this action should be possible with an erect penis. If it cannot be retracted at all, washing is not possible and smegma accumulates. Phimosis in adults makes sexual intercourse unsatisfactory. Occasionally the opening becomes so small that urinating becomes difficult. A childs inability to urinate comfortably will create a backflow that will cause kidney failure or a condition called reflux nephropathy.

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