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Don’t Spoil Eyesight

People who squint while staring at computer screens blink less than normal, which dried and irritates their eyes. The less you blinked, they more your eyes ached or burned. People tend to squint when they read a book or computer display, and that squinting makes the blink rate go way down. Blinking rewets the eyes.

The most important reminder is for you to take vision breaks after 30 to 40 minutes of reading, writing or computer use. Other precautions include an eyesight check-up at lease once a year. Vitamin A found in cod liver oil, liver and carrots protects against blindness; vitamin C prevents glaucoma; and essential fatty acids from fish like salmon, trout and mackerel fight dry eye syndrome.

Roll your eyes in large circles in both directions; look over to each side as far as possible and then go from up to down; or scan an imaginary text on the wall from left to right; or look out the window as far as you can following the horizon then return to a point right in front of you and begin again. In this way, you will avoid long-term eye problem, you will enlarge your inner space, and relax both your eyes and your mind.

Follow These Good Eye-Care Habits To Reduce Myopia Risk

When Using The Computer

  • Place monitor screen about 50cm away from the eyes
  • Ensure adequate lighting in the room
  • Adjust monitor screen to reduce glare
  • Take vision breaks of three to five minutes after 30 to 40 minutes of starting at the computer

When Watching TV Or Playing Video Games

  • Makes sure to sit at least 2m away from the screen
  • The room light should be switched on and the centre of the screen should be at eye level or lower
  • Discourage the practice of lying down and watching TV

Near work is the term used to describe visual activities at close distance, say within an arms length. These include reading, writing, using a computer, drawing or painting at table, sewing, playing hand-held computer games and doing craft work with small objects.


Contact Lens

Eye specialists say many contact lens wearers have become too lax about hygiene.

Here Are Tips On Minimising The Risk Of Infection


  • Wash your hands before taking off or putting on contact lenses
  • Clean your lenses after removing them from your eye.
  • Change the soaking solution every day, even if you are not wearing the lens.
  • Change your contact lens container every three months.
  • Consider switching to daily disposable lenses.
  • Check with your practitioner before changing lens solution.
  • Go for regular check-ups; new users should get checked after two weeks of wearing lenses, while regular users should get checked at least once every six months


  • Wear contact lenses for more than eight to 12 hours a day.
  • Wear contact lenses overnight, even if they are supposed to be for overnight use
  • Use daily, weekly or monthly disposable lenses for more than the stipulated time
  • Go swimming while wearing your lenses.
  • Wash your lenses in tap water because it is not sterile

Are There Eye Conditions To Worry Abut Other Than Myopia?

Parents should also be aware of some other common vision disorders in children. These include:


Commonly known as the lazy eye, this troubling eye condition causes reduced vision and is not correctable by glasses or contact lenses. The brain, for some reason, does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the amblyopic eye. This almost always affects only one eye but may show up as a reduction of vision in both eyes.

A Manifest Squint

Such a squint results when there is a persistent or regularly occurring misalignment of the eyes. In severe cases, the brain will suppress the image arriving from the deviant eye, resulting in the child being unable to see with both eyes or even have three-dimensional vision.

Color Vision Deficiency

This is a condition in which certain colors cannot be distinguished, most commonly red and green. About eight per cent of boys and 0.5 per cent of girls have some problems with color discrimination.

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