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Glam Slam Your Muscles

You have probably been exercising and dieting or trying to your whole life. You lose weight and pile it back on it a few short months. Or you lose most of the weight but cannot seem to budge the last stubborn five kilograms. If the above sound familiar to you, you need to introduce weights into your exercise routine. Muscle acts as metabolic boosters to combat gradual weight gain as you get older. That is why it is good to start a weight-training regime early. For results, working out two to three week in gym is recommended.

To Tone Your Biceps Preacher Curl

Keep arms shoulder width apart and triceps against the padding. Fully extend you r arms with hands wrapped around the bar. Curl the bar up towards shoulders. Be careful not to lock the elbows. Do 10 repetitions.

To Get A Flatter Stomach Seated Twist

Sit at the end of the bench with feet flat on the floor. Place the bar behind neck, resting across your shoulders. Extend arms straight out to the sides with hands over the end of the bar. Keeping hips and lower body still, twist shoulders slowly to the left then to the right. Do 10 repetitions.

To Get A Firmer Tush - Kickback

Face the weight stack and place ands on bars for balance. Keep back straight to avoid lower-back pressure and pull your strapped leg backwards. Keep the extended leg straight and contract buttocks. Do 10 repetitions per leg.

To Firm Up Bottom And Thighs Lunge

Start in a standing position, then lower body slowly towards the floor in a deep lunge. Bend both knees and keep your front foot flat on the board. Do not let working knee go over toes. When front thigh is parallel to the floor, press through heel of that fool to risk back to starting position. Make sure that back heel is up at all times. Do 10 repetitions per leg.

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