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Bully usually involves deliberate aggression towards another person. It is when someone takes advantage of another individual he or she perceives as more vulnerable. The aim is to gain control, and it occurs in all ages, sexes and social groups. They are two types of bullying, socialized and unsocialised. Socialized is when the bully hits out at others when provoked. It can be proactive or reactive.

For example, if she lives in an aggressive family where the role model uses aggression as a means of getting things done, or she reacts to poverty by being envious of others who appear to have more. These reactive aggressors usually catch others by surprise because they tend to be loners. This is personified in a typical spoilt child who generally does not get along with her peers. A bully at home, she is timid outside, and will allow others to bully her.

In unsocialised bullying, the bully hits out without provocation. Bully is done out of pure excitement to keep them functioning. Such bullies have no empathy. Their actions are uninhibited, and they may erupt like a volcano. Adults who have been bullied as children can turn bullies themselves. Adult buddies are very much like child bullies. They tend to be insecure with poor or non-existent social skills, and have little or no empathy. They turn this insecurity outwards, finding satisfaction in their ability to control and attack people around them. Some do it to get attention or to make other people afraid of them.

After a bully finally snaps, she will slink back into herself and end up inhibited and isolated. If she is also being bullied, she retaliates by hitting back, either by causing several harm or even killing her tormentors. A bully may contemplate suicide this is aggression towards the self. There is a suggestion that a low level of serotonin contributes to aggression and this ties in with th suicidal tendencies because suicides are associated with depression, and people who are depressed generally have low levels of serotonin.


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