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Make Love To Your Skin

Skin is made up of 75% collagen and is the building block for healthy, youthful skin, providing texture, resilience and shape. In fact, collagen was originally used in skin trauma centre to speed up the healing process and reduce scarring. Did you know that the main cause of most skin problems is related to the sun? Many of us dont realize the harmful effects of UV rays.

Prolonged sun exposure can cause pigmentation, wrinkles, dry and dull sagging skin. The suns rays causes free radical damage that can harm cell membranes. The UV rays penetrate into the inner layers of skin, wreaking havoc with your collagen and elastin fibres, thus accelerating the ageing process. Studies have shown that frequent sunburns are associated with increased risks of getting skin cancers.

You should use a range of skincare products that offer maximum UVA and UVB protection. Especially in hot, humid area, get one that is non-sticky, provides once-a-day application that is sweat, rub, and waterproof. And of course it should have antioxidants to help prevent further damage. On of the best ways to prevent further skin damage is to wear sunscreen daily.

It helps reduce further cellular damage that, it left unchecked, can lead to more sun-induced symptoms Seek out sunscreens that contain micronised zinc oxide or titatium dioxide. Both of these create a barrier against harmful ultra-violet A and B rays which cause sunburn, ageing the skin and the risk of skin cancer. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin (SPF 15 or higher) year-round, even on days when youre not going to the beach.

Avobenzone, a chemical blocker that protects skin by absorbing UV light, is also a powerful protector, but it may cause skin irritation in certain people. Munching on natural anti-oxidants like grapes and pornegranates give you a head start to a great face, and eight glasses of water a day and at least eight hours of sleep is just what the doctor and the skin experts advise.

Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

If you answer yes to two or more of the following statements, it is likely you do.

Does Your Skin...

  • Sunburn easily
  • Get red patches when you touch it?
  • Break out in blemishes when stressed?
  • Feel tight and itchy after cleansing?
  • React to sunscreens?
  • Often have red bumps and/or hives?
  • Break out in blemishes and become sensitive to touch after sun exposure?

Tips To Care Your Sensitive Skin

  • Use skincare that is formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Use soap-free bath and shower products that are perfume and color-free.

Citrus Feel Could Prevent Skin Cancer

Grating a little lemon zest into your tea or adding shreds of citrus peel into desserts and salads may reduce sour risk of skin cancer, claim researchers from the University of Arizona, Tucson's College of Medicine. Apparently, the zest of lemon, orange and grapefruit peels is high in d-limonene, a compound in citrus oil which has properties believed to block squamous cell carcinoma development (tumor growth).


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