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What Your Looks Say About Your Health

According to health experts, just by looking at one person's look, one can tell whether the person is healthy. If you see these signs or any disturbing changes in your skin, eyes or mouth, see a doctor right away.

Your Eyes Protrude From Your Head; You Look Like You Have Bug Eyes

Protruding eyes are a major symptom of hyperthyroidism, a disease caused by an overactive thyroid gland. Watch for sudden weight loss, heart palpitations, and excessive sweating.

Your Eyelids Droop Around The Outside Edges

Some people are born with droopy eyelids. But a sudden change might be a symptom of something more serious, such as diabetes or Bell's palsy (a temporary facial paralysis.

Your Skin Is Often Flushed

You could have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart trouble.

Your Nose Is Often Bright Red, Sometimes Accompanied By Pus-filled Pimples

Acne rosacea, adult-onset acne, could be the cause. It targets your nose, cheeks, forehead, and even eyelids, and it can be triggered by stress or by oversensitive blood vessels. See your doctor or it'll become worse.

You Have A Deep Vertical Crease Down The Middle Of Your Earlobe

Studies have shown that this indicates a tendency toward heart disease. If you can see a crease, it's time to talk to a doctor.

You Have New Or Expanding White Or Red Patches, Lumps, Or Sore Spots In Your Mouth Or On Your Lips

If you didn't bite your cheek recently, those mouth sores may be an early sign of disease, such as chicken pox or HIV. Have a doctor lake a look.

Your Enamel Is Worn Down, And Your Teeth Are Flatter Than They Used To Be

You're probably clenching your jaw of grinding your teeth in your sleep. See your dentist for a mouthguard to lake the pressure off your jaw muscles at night.

You Have Recurring Cold Sores Or Canker Sores

Most sores are caused by the herpes simplex 1 virus (samples 2 causes genital herpes) and can be treated with prescription antiviral medications. Don't perform oral sex until they heal.

Is Your Body Telling You Something?

If you find yourself waking up at a specific time every nigh, it could be a sign of poor health. According to traditional Chinese medicine, each of the 12 principal meridians in our body relates to an internal organs. If you wake up or have unusual symptoms at the same time every day, it is possible that there is an imbalance in a specific organ. See below for pointers:

  • Liver: 1am to 3am
  • Lungs: 3am to 5am
  • Large Intestine: 5am to 7am
  • Stomach: 7am to 9am

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