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What Comes After Botox?

You know about Botox and IPL: you may have even tried them with varying degrees of success. Perhaps you are now shopping around for the next big thing in skin rejuvenation techniques. Below lists current non-invasive treatments, most which have been available to less than a year. What they have in common is that they use a variety of energy sources to stimulate the production of collagen, that vital protein that gives skin its firm, unlined look. Which one is for you?

LED Photodynamic Therapy

Originally created to treat skin cancers and chronic skin disorders. LED photodynamic therapy uses light-emitting dioxides to help rejuvenate skin and combat acne producing bacteria. Aids in maintaining healthy skin, and helps stimulates collagen growth and cell renewal

Transdermal Electrodiffusion System

This method uses electropolarisation and electroreplusion to deliver a cocktail of products directly into the dermis to stimulate new collagen production for general skin rejuvenation. Electropolarisation temporarily increases tissue permeability, stimulates the muscles, and opens up channels to the deeper layers of the skin. Electrorepulsion breaks down the products into miniscule molecules and enhances their diffusion into target areas of the skin. This process is said to increase the absorption rate of the products to 90 per cent.


Long used to treat body cellulite, endermologie is now being used for facial rejuvenation. Endermologie for the body involves massaging the skin with mechanical rollers to break up the fat below the skin, which is then excreted by the body through regular bowel movements. Face Contouring Endermologie aims to stimulate collagen, thereby retaining skin elasticity, and keeping naso-labial lines, dark circles around the eyes and eyebags at bay. It can help tone fleshy cheeks and the double chins. Facial Lumphatic Draining Endermologie, on the other hand, aims to detoxify the skin and prepare it for topical products. Often used as a post surgery healing treatment for surgical procedures such as liposuction.

Fraxel Laser

A procedure that makes corrections to small patterns of cells or 12 to 20 per cent of the skin per session, leaving other zones untouched, for a quicker healing process. Fraxel targets acne, wrinkles, fine lines or scars, pigment variation, brown age spots, spider veins and other vascular changes in skin.

Thermafine Lift

A procedure that treats wrinkles and sagging skin using radio frequency (RF) to penetrate deep into the dermal tissues to stimulate new collagen production and lighten existing collagen.

Titan Procedure

It uses infra-red light to heat the dermis, the sensitive connective tissue beneath the epidermis. This causes collagen contraction, leading to a more youthful appearance.

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