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You, Yourself And Your Mirror

Narcissism exists when a person is consumed with the pronoun I. Narcissism or Narcissism Personality Disorder (NPD) is an extreme or disordered form of self-esteem. Individuals with NPD believe they are special, unique, superior, and expect others to recognize them as such. They may feel that they can be understood by, and should only associate with, people who are special or who have a higher status. People who have NPD believe they are the most important person on Earth and refuses to respect another persons needs or opinions.

A lot of spoilt children end up being narcissistic. They became arrogant, demeaning, exploitative, haughty, condescending and undermine others without any empathy for anyone. Spoilt children and adults tend to use the wrong method to get what they want because they dont know how to negotiate limits since theyve always been allowed to get what they want without any negotiations. They dont seem to understand that other people can get hurt in the process of getting what they want.

A person with NPD has difficulties adapting. She is preoccupied with the fact that she is special and expects to be recognized as such. She feels she is entitled to many things. Her attitude will come into conflict with others and she may become exploitative Sometimes she chooses to handle conflicts with violence, usually of verbal kind. Occasionally, theres the odd one who may resorts to violent. An NPD sufferer often envious of others or believes that others are envious of her.

A narcissistic personality usually wants another set of parents because she thinks she is special and deserve good parents. They are cases whereby patients went through three sets of adoptive parents. However each relationship does not last due to her excessive and unrealistic demands on them. To ensure your child does not grow up to become NPD sufferer, you should give positive regard to yorr child by praises, and say positive things about your child. Your child will internalize these positive statements and gestures and develop a positive self-esteem.


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