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Heart Defenders

A preview of the latest weapons in the fight against heart disease.

Increase Good Cholesterol

For years, bad cholesterol or LDL levels have been lowered with the use of statins. Now, researchers are turning their attention to good cholesterol, or HDL, and to raising its level. One potential drug is Torcetrapib, which is said to increase HDL by 50 per cent. It is expected to be available in two to three years' time.

Reduce Artery-clogging Plaque

Researchers have been studying a group of north Italian villagers who, despite their dangerously low HDL and ominously high LDL and triglycerides, have clean arteries. Their source of protection? A mutation in HDL's biggest protein called apoA-1. A synthetic version of the mutated protein, apoA-1 Milano, is now being tested and is said to be the first drug to reduce artery-clogging plaque in 48 hours. Codenamed D-4F, it may be ready in a year's time.

Get A Good View Of The Heart

A new, multi-purpose 4D scanner not only spares patients invasive and time-consuming pit enables doctors to see various phases of the heart cycle in 3D. It takes less than 10 seconds to give a clear picture of the state of the arteries.

What A Fungi

Put a cap on your heart-attack risk. Recent research shows that portobello mushrooms pack the highest levels of a promising artery-cleaning nutrient called chitin. When scientists at the University of Illinois analysed five common types of mushrooms, they discovered that portobellos contained a chitin concentration of 8 percent-the highest amount found in any of the fungi tested. "Chitin may have cholesterol-lowering effects," says study author Cheryl Dikeman, Ph.D., and mushrooms are more palatable than algae and insects, the other top sources of the complex carbohydrate. If Portobello burgers don't leave you salivating, try crimini mushrooms; they'rejust baby portobellos, and their smaller size makes them ideal for dropping into soups or salads.

How To Identify A Stroke Victim?

Neurologists often say that if a stroke victim is treated within three hours, the effect of the stroke can be minimised - even reversed. To identify a stroke victim,

  • Ask the person to smile.
  • Ask the person to raise both arms.
  • Ask the individual to say a simple sentence clearly. For example: "It is sunny today". If the person has trouble with any of these, bring him or her to a doctor quickly.

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