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Sty In The Eye

Swollen eyes with a dull pain? You might have a sty. A sty is an inflammatory condition of the upper or lower eyelid that occurs when glands there get blocked due to infection by abnormal bacterial flora present on the eyelid. The oil that is secreted from the glands gets stuck leading to swelling and a lump. Unclean eyelids, a change of weather or diet, hormonal changes and stress could all lead to an alteration in bacteria levels around the eye causing a sty to occur.

The sty resembles a pimple and the lump is normally filled with whitish or yellowish pus. An external sty may be noted when there is a tender red nodule below the lid margin. An internal sty may not have a visible nodule. The redness of the swelling may spread to the surrounding eye area and even the cheeks.

What To Look For?

Redness And Swelling

It is a sign of the eye glands being infected and inflamed.

Droopiness Of The Eyelid

The swollen sty adds weight to the eyelid, leading to droopiness.

Crusting Of The Eyelid Margins

As pus is secreted from the sty, be sure to clean the affected area properly.

Simple Solutions

To ease the infection, remember to:

Clean The Affected Area Gently With A Mild Soap

This will help drain the pus away from the sty.

Avoid Touching The Affected Area With Your Hands

Germs from your fingertips will only aggravate the bacterial flora in the area.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing it could cause the infection to spread to the inner eye.

Avoid Wearing Mascara, Eyeliner And Eye Shadow

These could cause a further infection.

Wring Out Excess Water

Many sties drain on their own but to facilitate drainage, dip a clean, folded cloth in warm water, wring out excess water and apply to the sty as a compress. Carry on for 10-15 minutes, dipping the cloth repeatedly to keep it warm and moist.

Experts Say

A sty can be caused by a change in the environment or diet or poor eyelid hygiene. Practise good eyelid hygiene by cleaning your eyelids and lashes properly when you are cleaning your face. You can treat a sty yourself by applying a hat compress to the affected area two to three times daily.

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