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First Aid

First Aid is defined as emergency aid or treatment given to someone injured, suddenly ill, etc., before regular medical services can be obtained. There is a series of priorities that should be followed in an emergency:

  • Check for consciousness. If the victim is conscious and breathing, stay with the victim while someone else calls for help.
  • Check for breathing. If necessary, begin mouth-to-mouth breathing immediately (see below).

The Steps To Follow For Mouth-To-Mouth Breathing Are:

  • Tap victim and shout, "Are you okay?" If no response, yell for someone to call for help and then,
  • Put one hand on victim's forehead, the other hand under the chin, and tilt the head back slightly UNLESS you suspect a head or spinal injury.
  • If breathing does not start, pinch victim's nose shut. Put your mouth over victim's mouth and give 2 FULL, SLOW BREATHS. Allow lungs to empty between each breath.
  • If still not breathing, continue mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Give 1 breath every 5 seconds until help arrives.

Check For Pulse. If there is none and you are trained to do so, begin CPR immediately.

Check For Bleeding. Stop bleeding by applying direct pressure on the wound site.

Check For Head, Neck And Spinal Injuries. If any of these are suspected, DO NOT move the victim unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent further reinjury.

Check For Health Problems. Look for medical ID tags or prescription medications.

Do Nott Give Fluids. The victim cannot swallow and could suffocate if unconscious.

Stay Calm And Don't Give Up. Continue to aid the victim until help arrives!


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