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Wisdom Tooth And Bad Breath

A wisdom tooth is the last tooth to grove in the far back corner of the mouth, appearing between the ages of 13 to 25 Years. There are usually four wisdom teeth, two in the upper and two in the lower jaw. Wisdom teeth can become a problem when they do not erupt or grow properly, especially the lower ones. They may remain buried in the gum or bone, or may grow half-way and be blocked by the neighboring teeth, causing pain. Dentists call this "impacted wisdom teeth".

Impacted wisdom teeth can trap food and get infected. T6ev arc also often partly covered by gain which can be bitten by the upper teeth, giving rise to painful ulcers. Impacted teeth can be removed by doing a minor operation. If infected, then must he treated with antibiotics first before being operated on.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a problem because it can affect a persons business or social life. Bad breath can be temporary, for example, after eating garlic. More persistent forms of bad breath are often caused by bacteria in the mouth. The acids and other substances produced when bacteria act on the food not only cause tooth decay and gum diseases but also give off a bad smell. Smoking is another very common cause of bad breath. Mints and breath-fresheners can improve bad breath. But thorough cleaning by a dentist, followed by regular brushing and flossing will help your teeth stay clean and your breath fresh.

Minutes Of Care Are Better Than Hours Of Repair

Good mouth hygiene can help prevent dental diseases.

Watch Your Diet

Avoid sweet and sticky food. If you can't, make sure you clean your mouth after that.

Brush Your Teeth Correctly

Tooth brushing can prevent dental plaque from accumulating, provided the brushing is thorough and performed regularly. Brush your teeth right after meals and in the way your dentist recommends.

Floss Your Teeth Correctly

Dental floss is a special nylon thread used to clean the spaces in between teeth where toothbrushes cannot reach. The correct way to use floss is to slip it carefully between two teeth bringing it under the gum line where the plague hides. Repeat this vertical movement a couple of times on both the surfaces of the teeth.

Use Flouride Toothpaste

Flouride strengthens and protects the teeth against acid produced by the dental plague.

Visit The Dentist Regularly For Check-ups

Regular, six-monthly dental check-ups allow dental diseases to be detected and treated early.

Dental Damage

That buzz you feel after downing an energy drink? It might be the sensation of your teeth disintegrating. A recent study from the University of Maryland dental school shows that energy drinks can rot your teeth faster than colas can. When researchers immersed sections of human dental enamel in 13 popular beverages, they noted that the energy drinks, including Red Bull, were up to 11 times more erosive than cola. High levels of some additives, such as citric acid, cause the erosion, says study author J. Anthony von Fraunhofer, Ph.D. His advice: Chase your energy drink with a gulp of water to help rinse off the damaging acids.


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