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Your Monthly Horoscope

Gemini ( 21 May-20 June)

Wrap up work projects soon if you expect good results. Singles, expect romantic opportunities, but what good are those if you don't act on them? Although love is in the air, you can't be too bothered. You'd much rather have your space and tend to your interests. You want to count on yourself, and not on a relationship, to find real happiness. Money happens through bold and aggressive moves. Your circle of contacts may be helpful but at end of the day, it's actually you who brings in the dough.

Cancer (21 June-20 July)

You're a shining star at work. In fact, you rise above your capacity so much so that bosses start to take notice. This brings about pay rises and promotions. Before you start doing cartwheels, note that there could be some kind of crisis at home with a parent or a parent figure. Keeping fit is a great way to blow off steam but just don't get overactive. Watch your health and fit in some rest time in between all the excitement at the office.

Leo (21 July-21 August)

Not much can be done with pending family issues, so move on and focus on your career. Get ready to travel for work, perhaps for training. There is some drama in your corporate hierarchy and at home. Big projects make you forego life's pleasures (which is hard for a Leo) but don't stay away from your buddies, because ironically, this month is your sociable month. However, your focus on your friends causes some friction between you and your lover. This will quickly pass.

Taurus (21 April-20 May)

Family causes a bit of stress but you'll gain respect if you handle thngs with tact. As love slows down; indulge in some alone time; perhaps a solitary getaway? Global happenings leave an impact on you. Your deep thoughts on life makes you want to take charge of your destiny. Your selfesteem takes a surge as your earnings increase. It helps to remember that if you want to earn more, you have to BE more, so say happy birthday to the new woman in you!

Virgo (22 August-22 September)

Apart from career success, you achieve more personal honor and recognition. This makes you (somewhat) a celebrity among your social circle. Those of you interested in politics or community affairs, now's the time to strategise your future. Charity work is in order so make a significant difference. Also, work on paying off your debts. As you pursue your career goals, love opportunities arise. Superiors and elders try to play cupid but don't be pressured to commit.

Libra (23 September-22 October)

There's romance in your career path, perhaps with a client. You're more aggressive in love these days. If you like someone, you'll let him know right away! Attend parties and be a host to the right people. The visibility will help you progress at work. Plan investments carefully before making a commitment. Tax issues will have influence on your financial decisions. It's also a good month to break addictions and get rid of clutter. These will clear your mind and bring on huge waves of relief.

Scorpio (23 October-22 November)

Love is so smooth that it moves on to a serious level. On the road there, tempers may flare so you need to remind yourself to be calm and patient. Pay more attention to your health and create opportunities to meet people; a rendezvous at the gym, perhaps? Money is good this month. Everyone around you contributes to your prosperity. However, brace yourself for some disruption at the workplace.

Sagittarius (23 November-20 December)

A slight drop in self-confidence may bode well as you'll be less argumentative and more compromising. Those committed to love, be wary of doldrums at month end. Singles, love lurks at the workplace, or the working-out place. Incidentally, gym visits are encouraged as your general health needs watching over. Work appears overcast momentarily, bringing some stress to your financial position.

Capricorn (21 December-19 January)

This month you might tend to look outside yourself and prioritise other's happiness more, particularly family. With emotional comfort taking precedence, you may want to focus on family and the home. It's OK to place work on a lower rung, after domestic contentment, seeing as how your prosperity is on a high, so high that job opportunities come easily for jobseekers. However, things are not as rosy in the love department. Prepare for dark days in romance, during which you must exercise patience and show a lot of understanding towards your partner.

Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

If you had a bad love month in April, there won't be much of an improvement in May. Those spiritual conflicts persist. It's wise to use this situation to see others' perspective and then reinforce your beliefs. Friends may have long-term issues with your partner and this is serious, because they're very precious to you. There is less to worry about in terms of health but that doesn't mean you should blow your diet completely. And despite the general prosperity of this year, you must not blow money wantonly either. Financial instincts get a bit challenged when you make investment decisions that take time to pan out.

Pisces (19 February-20 March)

Success with investments may earn you recognition from corporate figures or from someone who has been doing much better than you. You might end up spending a lot of money on leisure activities and it's OK to do so but your focus on money relegates your partner to third fiddle. One weak move could see the end of the relationship. Watch your diet carefully as health problems may arise from neglect.

Aries (21 March-20 April)

This month's prosperity will outdo even last month's bountiful gains. Money AND love practically chase you like a prize. There is beauty in the cards; your own appeal, material objects and perhaps a suitor. Existing partners will not be happy about this. Dissatisfaction in this regard may cause ire in a partner, possibly bringing with it temporary financial disturbances.


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