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This page is offer links to horoscope and astrology sites and resources.

Astrology Chart for Babies & Kids
Give a personalized astrological chart based on the day, time, and place of birth. Amazingly accurate. The best parenting guide around. Makes a unique baby gift or child birthday gift

An Astrology Resource
Astrology for compatibility resource including the ultimate guide to exploring all aspects of synastry, relationships, love, sex, zodiac signs, tarot, money, career, expert tips, articles, relevant content, communication skills info.

Chinese Astrology
Need Astrology Information. No problem take a look at this website.

My Astro Advisor
Information on Astrology Advice.

Astrology India
The nakshatras are considered to be the wives of the Moon. In Vedic Mythology the wives or consorts symbolize the power of the divinity. Therefore, as the wives of the Moon, the nakshatras represent the powers of the Moon.


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