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Aries 2006 Overview

Aries: 21 March - 19 April

Element: Fire

Traits: Adventurous, energetic, dynamic, independent, bossy.

2006 is going to be much kinder to you than 2005 was, though you must set yourself an easy pace and simple targets in the opening weeks Like someone recovering from an illness, you are recovering. From the difficulties experienced by your ruler Mars at the end of last year, and for the first two months of the year, you must be careful not to over-reach yourself.

This applies particularly to your finances, which still seem fragile. By about March, however, you recover your energies and your confidence and, from then on, all is well. This is a year where the main focus is on your personal rather than your public life, so you will find it rewarding to spend time renewing your relationships with family, friends and colleagues, all of whom will offer helpful emotional support throughout the year.

Remember that you are still rebuilding your strength, and it will be October before you feel ready to take on your usual role of go-it-alone Aries who needs no company but herself and who will boldly try the path that none have so far dared.


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