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Leo 2006 Personal Life

Leo: 23 July - 23 August

Element: Fire

Traits: Generous, creative, faithful, enthusiastic, dogmatic.

Personal Life

The conflict between Saturn and Neptune that makes this year so stressful for everyone, no matter which sign they are from, is played out through your own sign and the one opposite - therefore between you and your partner. In other words, your relationships mirror what's going on in the world in general, so you shouldn't expect too easy a time.

In the past you might have been accused of being too self-indulgent, not taking your responsibilities within the relationship seriously enough. But now, with Saturn in Leo, the exact opposite is true and it is you who is taking the serious view of your future together, and you who are accusing your partner of being unrealistic, idealistic and over-emotional, of being Neptunian, in fact.

A compromise may be reached, where the relationship is solidly grounded yet retains its romantic appeal, and where you still allow yourselves your dreams but try to find practical ways of achieving them rather than trusting to luck. Finding that balance is essential, but it is not an easy task, and there will be times when you feel that you are so far apart, there can be no understanding between you atoll - and that the relationship must break down.

The very end of August and the start of September are the turning points here; if you survive this phase, you will have passed your sternest test. As you will see, the real battle is not actually with your partner, but with yourself.


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