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Leo 2006 Career

Leo: 23 July - 23 August

Element: Fire

Traits: Generous, creative, faithful, enthusiastic, dogmatic.


Away from your personal bat- your career does quite well, with its best phases in January and December. In September, you may decide that a long-term project probably isn't going to deliver what you hoped it would, so with some regrets, you decide to quit. Get involved in something else straight away, so you have no time to brood over what might have been. It wouldn't t have worked, anyway.

Attitude To Money

Luxury-loving Leos think that you deserve the very best in life! You often live beyond your means. Creative, talented lions are usually great at making money but no so clever by half when it comes to managing it. You find balancing your budget very boring, so you often wind up in debt. You usually sort it all out, though, by borrowing more money from the bank! Leos love to treat friends.

Spending Style

Leos are the “royals” of the zodiac, so you insist on top quality merchandise. You’re truly flamboyant by nature, and always spend to impress. You never deny yourself anything if your credit card can stand the strain. Leos love spending on: Designer clothes, eating out, fine china.

Saving And Investing Style

You love taking risks with your money. Your best financial strategy, however, is to balance security with speculation, and to take a longer-term view.

Earning Power

Leos are natural leaders. You like work that’s glamorous and exciting, and you love being centrestage. You like running your own business or managing someone else’s!

Zodiac Earning Zones

Entertainment, teaching, politics, charity fund-raising. 

Extra-Income Ideas

Be a party planner or after-dinner speaker.


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