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Cancer 2006 Career

Cancer: 22 June - 22 July

Element: Water

Traits: Emotional, intuitive, sympathetic, imaginative, clingy.


Career interests this year all depend on your response to the opportunities provided by the eclipse in March. Planet Mars is in your sign then, to give you the energy for a new start, and there is a further boost in December. Ignore any second thoughts you may have in June stay with your original decision. Financially, you may be under pressure until April, but a profitable phase in June should help repair any losses.

Cancer Earning, Spending, Saving Style

Attitude To Money

Cancerians have a magic touch with money. You walk tall if youve plenty of cash in the bank but if money is slow in coming, your self-esteem can quickly plummet. You use money to boost your confidence. You are brilliant at making those dollars really stretch. Youre careful to the point of tight-fistedness, and prefer it when others foot the bill! But youll give generously to charity and relatives in need.

Spending Style

When you do go shopping, you buy the best you can possibly afford. You like classic clothes and you love the sales. Youll never skimp on household spending or anything for the kids. Cancerians love spending on: Home, romantic clothes, jewellery.

Saving And Investing Style

Youre one of the thriftiest signs ever. Your favorite method of investment is saving it in the bank. Careful, caring Cancerians dont like risks of any kind. Cancer star investments: Antiques, silver, home improvements, property.

Earning Power

You place a premium on job security and like having regular pay cheques although youre an extrepreneur at heart, and often inspire to starting your own business (with a partner or family member is best).

Zodiac Earning Zone

Hotels, cafes and restaurants and medicine, retailing, banking and finance.

Extra-Income Guide

Be a nursery nurse, wait tables, play music or write short stories.

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