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Cancer 2006 Personal Life

Cancer: 22 June - 22 July

Element: Water

Traits: Emotional, intuitive, sympathetic, imaginative, clingy.

Personal Life

The good news in your personal affairs is that Jupiter spends most of the year in the lovers' sector of your chart, and will keep the emotional temperature high, right through until the end of November. The essence of Jupiter is that whatever he touches grows and develops, so no matter how small and lacking in promise a situation may look at first sight it is transformed into something vibrant and alive by the time Jupiter moves on.

Whatever state your personal relationships might be in, you can be sure that Jupiter will improve them. In particular, if you have been drifting along in a relationship that seems to have lost its momentum, then Jupiter`s presence will get it moving. Be sure, however, to pay attention to what is happening: you may not be accustomed to your relationships moving with such speed and you must be sure of the consequences of each of your actions, since it may not be possible to retrace your steps if you find yourself heading in the wrong direction.

Jupiter provides the energy and the speed, but it is you who must keep things under control and on course. Take extra care in October and early November, when events happen so fast that the whole relationship, your commitment to it and your plans far the future could swing from one extreme to another and back again, within the space of a week.

Your normal response to emotional stress, which is to adopt a sort of "worry and wait' strategy, won't work here, you won't have time to do either, so you must adopt a much more proactive attitude, making the first moves yourself to make sure that what you don't want to happen, can't. This is a crucial few weeks, full of extraordinary possibilities It's up to you to make sure you come out of it with what you want


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