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Taurus 2006 Overview

Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

Element: Earth

Traits: Patients, determined, warm-hearted, loving, stubborn.

This is a year with some real upheavals in it, but most of them seem to come from your own actions rather than from you being the helpless victim of events, so presumably you know what you are doing. At the start of the year you are involved in a battle with your own conscience, trying to decide whether you still believe certain actions to be right, whether you can stilt-trust certain people, and if it would be better to reveal your change of heart or to stay with what you promised earlier, despite your misgivings.

For some people such questions are trivial, best answered by taking the course - that is most profitable and immediately convenient but for you, these are fundamental issues and you cannot continue until you have found satisfactory answers - at the very least, answers you feel you can live with.

Mid- March is a significant time, you may not like the answers you get, but at least they are definite and that's a good thing. From then on, you feel you can choose the things you want and the people you want to be with, in a way that you couldn't before. This is life on your own terms, to sort yourself and nobody else - and it feels fabulous.


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