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Taurus 2006 Personal Life

Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

Element: Earth

Traits: Patients, determined, warm-hearted, loving, stubborn.

Personal Life

If your relationships have always tended to be safe, predictable and unexciting, with partners unable to recognise or bring out the strong passions that lie deep within you, then this year could change all that Two strong planets, Jupiter and wayward Uranus, lie across social sectors of your chart for most of the year and their contacts in May and August may well provide the spark to ignite a very different sort of affair from those you have been used to in the past.

Everything about this liaison is different, and you will find yourself constantly forced to re-assess your expectations. You know that if you can make this one work, it will lake your life and your emotions into a dimension you thought only existed in books and movies but it requires your full attention, all of the time, and there will be several moments when you feel that what you have together is just too unmanageable and too demanding for you to maintain.

The turning point comes in September, when this year's solar and lunar eclipses force a decision about whether to continue. You know you could have an easier life - but you know, too, that you would miss the excitement, and that you might never find anything like it again. October is very intense, and November argumentative; not until December do you make your final choice.


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