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Gemini 2006 Personal Life

Gemini: 21 May - 21 June

Element: Air

Traits: Witty, versatile, youthful, eloquent, egoistic.

Personal Life

Your personal life this year seems ¬o fall into two distinct phases, which may be two stages in the development of the same relationship, or two different relationships The first one starts very early in the year and may take this familiar form: one partner is just coming out of a very difficult time, emotionally, and the other offers friendship and sympathy; within a few weeks, this friendship has become an affair itself.

Although this is probably not what either of you intended, ft must also be said that you don't seem to be doing much to stop it. By March, it becomes clear that your hopes and ambitions for the relationship are very different and both of you must make determined efforts if the relationship is to survive. To your credit you do make the effort, but after an agonising few days at the start of August, in which you can't bear b be together, yet can't bear to be apart, you finally admit that its over.

In the weeks that follow, you find that the separation hurts less than you thought it would, which in a way proves to you that the relationship had always been on the wrong frock- or maybe that's just how you explain it to yourself. September finds you very much at ease with yourself emotionally, happy to socialise and to flirt, but not actively looking for a new love.

It is at such times, of course, that fate provides irresistible affil and, before you realise it, another relationship has somehow come into being. This time around, it is a genuine partnership, in which you find shared deals and an instinctive understanding of each other's needs In every way, it's o better deal and that relegates the first part of the year into history, to be forgotten.


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