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Aquarius 2006 Personal Life

Aquarius: 20 January - 18 February

Element: Air

Traits: Friendly, honest, loyal, original, unemotional.

Personal Life

The stresses of this year will be felt most strongly in your personal life Everyone, no matter what their sign, will feel the conflict of Saturn and Neptune in the coming months; and with Neptune in your own sign and Saturn exactly opposite in the relationship pan of your chart there is really no way that you can avoid it For you, it is most likely to show itself in a series of conflicts with your banner that underline how very different your attitudes are.

When you want his support, he will give it - but his idea of support may be financial, when what you wanted was emotional back-up. Or perhaps he offers commitment - marriage, even - at the very moment when you want to assert your independence. None of his actions are bad, ifs just Fact they seem exactly the wrong answer at each particular moment, and they show how difficult it is for the two of you to be in fume with each other right now 2007 will be better - but can you wait?


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