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Gemini 2006 Career

Gemini: 21 May - 21 June

Element: Air

Traits: Witty, versatile, youthful, eloquent, egoistic.


In your career, it is time to make some changes, but it is important to keep each stage manageable and not do too much at once. Resist the temptation to make each step an irreversible break with the past; think of your progress instead as crossing a series of bridges. The key time is in September, when an unexpected setback makes you fear that you have gone a step too far; but if you are brave enough to continue you will find you can still reach your intended coal.

Gemini Earning, Spending, Saving Style

Attitude To Money

Livewire Geminis dont worry too much about money its your passport to freedom and the high life. Nimble-witted, you can be clever at making money but you get bored so easily that you often give up before you finally hit the jackpot. Youre a great wheeler-dealer and hustler, and often have many moneyspinners on the go. Youre brilliant at selling and doing deals too and people doing business with you will need to keep their wits about them. Geminis can get fazed by financial details and in an ideal world, youd delegate paying the bills to your partner.

Spending Style

Geminis are skilful at making money, but just as clever at spending it! When it comes to shopping, you have a real split personality: Sometimes youre a dreadful spendthrift, at other times you go bargain basement. You often lose track of how much money youve spent, and love to shop till you drop. Geminis love spending on: entertainment, handphones, computers, evening classes, weekend breaks and convertibles.

Saving And Investing Style

Saving bores you rigid and you often have a habit of moving money around on a whim. All Geminis dream of getting rich quick especially on the lottery. 

Earning Power

Clever, resourceful Geminis are never short of ways of earning money, and often feel more happy when doing two or three jobs at a time. You like simulating work with a varied routine, where you can sell, chat, socialize, get out and meet the public. 

Zodiac Earning Zones

Telecommunications, advertising, marketing, travel, reception work, journalism, TV. 

Extra-Income Ideas

Try telesales, teaching or nightclub work.


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