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Aquarius 2006 Career

Aquarius: 20 January - 18 February

Element: Air

Traits: Friendly, honest, loyal, original, unemotional.


This year is going to be one of your very best The strong constant presence of Jupiter of the fop of your chart until November makes this a time when you can expect to be moving upwards very quickly.

You have worked hard for this and the opportunities you are offered now will determine your career path for the next three years, at least, so make sure they are in line with your own ambitions- don't let yourself be sidetracked.

Don't be afraid, either, to enter info negotiations over what you think you're really worth: you have all the planetary advantages here, so if you settle for anything less than the very best, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Finances prove a problem in March and in September, but in both, your fears are worse than the reality. Your best times are in April and May.

Aquarius Earning, Spending, Saving Style

Attitude To Money

Aquarius is one of the least money-minded signs in the zodiac. You usually get rich by accident. Generous, you’re always ready to lend money to friends. You live a frugal lifestyle. But though your tastes are modest, you can often be quite careless with your cash. You live in a world of your own and often forget to pay the bills! Computerising your accounts to cover all those fiddly little details is always your fave way of handling money.

Spending Style

Aquarians are erratic spenders, for though you’re mostly quite frugal, you can sometimes be shockingly extravagant. You’ll pop out just to buy a light bulb and come home with a pricey VCR! You prefer buying quality items, because you know they’ll last and last. You’re not that keen on high-street shopping, but love to buy by mail order. Aquarians love spending on: All things electrical and technical, computer hardware and software, video equipment, sci-fi books, classic cars.

Saving And Investing Style

You’ll keep an emergency fund in reserve, but mostly prefer to “do” something with your money. Like invest it in a business opportunity or in helping to save the planet! Automatic savings plan are best, and those get-rich-quick schemes should always be avoided.

Earning Power

You like to communicate while you’re eating – whether you do it by working with computers, or by becoming a TV chat show host! You cherish the freedom of freelance or contract work. You also dream of “saving the world!” – or just changing it a bit, at least!

Zodiac Earning Zones

Information technology, engineering, social work.

Extra-Income Ideas

Run a cyber café or be a spare-time computer programmer.


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