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Pisces 2006 Career

Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Element: Water

Traits: Imaginative, selfless, compassionate, kind, weak-willed.


In your career, this is a time of preparation, and perhaps training or gaining the right qualifications, prior to taking a big step forward at the end of this year or the start of next The whole period extends from the end of 2005 into 2007, and will be hard work, but it will bring you the success you have always wanted In financial affairs, look for an unexpected stroke of fortune in March Life just suddenly got better.

Pisces Earning, Spending, Saving Style

Attitude To Money

You may seem impractical, but youre actually quite clever with your cash. And one way or another, you always get by. Pisceans tend to view money as a way of making people happy. Even when you become rich, your attitude towards your finances is often quite free and easy. Soft-hearted Pisceans will lend money quite liberally and then youll discover to your horror, you havent enough to pay your own bills! Then youll slam down the hatches financially until its time for another spree!

Spending Style

With you, its a case of all or nothing. When youre feeling broke, youll cut your spending down to zero but when youre feeling extravagant, you can go on the wildest of sprees. Pisceans are sentimental spenders and love to buy lots of presents. Pisceans love-spending on: Paintings, music, musical instruments, wine and food.

Saving And Investing Style

You like saving your money in lots of different accounts, and you love to save in secret. Pisceans are often surprisingly shrewd at knowing which investments will do best.

Earning Power

You are happiest in jobs where you can care, create or communicate! But as you dont like making decisions or having too much responsibility, youre happiest working freelance or else as an employee.

Zodiac Earning Zones

Nursing, hotel and restaurant work, social work, fashion, film.

Extra-Income Ideas

Be a wedding photographer or video filmmaker.


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